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5 Best Wayback Machine Alternatives in 2021

Wayback machine is among those bottles which are operators as internet achieve. People are quite happy with this portal because of its user-friendly interface and the information they are getting. But unfortunately, it doesn’t allow users to get the indexed web histories and explore how these are created and functioning. This is the major reason they look out for Wayback Machine Alternative.

If you are looking out for Wayback Machine Alternative, you are on the right page. Here we are exploring the 5 best Wayback Machine Alternatives to consider in 2021.

Best Wayback Machine Alternative:-

Domain tools:

Domain tools are sufficient for finding out the historical ownership of the website. It allows the user to develop all the information which is not available on the internet. If we look out for a domain as the alternative for the Wayback website, then this is the best to choose because it is the house for two websites, including the screenshot and who is. These allow the user to have access to the historical data on the internet in the simplest way. A user can look up the site screenshot history and grab all the information. Most of the areas are there where payback machine was not the option to consider but thankfully domain tool sufficiently do it. It comes up with a subscription, and a user needs to get it for enjoying all the ultimate features.


Stillio is among the best alternative for the Wayback Machine. It sufficiently captures the website screenshot on a regular basis and on intervals like daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, and if a user wishes to set up any custom interval, they can go for it. The best part is it is integrated with HTML as well, which provides the result appropriately. Inserting you might face it difficult to utilize, but in reality, it is not. Some broken pages and incomplete graphics are also available for multiple pages as available on the portals. It allows you to sync them with Google Drive and other cloud providers. If you are looking forward to customizing the screenshot, the same can be easily done.


Pagefreezer comes up with an innovative interface that makes achieving the web and social media platforms really very easy. It is utilizing cloud-based technology and is an ideal solution for small- and large-scale businesses. A lot of industries are dependent on it, including education, finance, retail, telecom, and government. This is usually used for protecting the web and social media content permanently. It is a great portal to consider because of the available options. It is a subscription-based application, and a user needs to get a subscription to utilize all of the features. Moreover, make sure to understand that it uses crawling technology like Google cache so it automates the archiving process, and there will be no installation required for it


Website refers to the on-demand archive website which preserves the web pages permanently. For all the editors, publishers, and authors along with academic scholarship, this portal is the best one to consider. On this portal, you will have detailed snapshots available along with the references for it. It is the best alternative to the Wayback machine because of this ultimate feature. In the Wayback machine, this option is not available. Different formats are accommodated on this portal, including CSS, HTML, web pages, PDF, files, images, and so on. It will not help you to do crawling but apart from that, this portal can be the ultimate option to consider. Opaque and transparent are the two formats that are available, and a user can utilize any of them. This tool is available for free.


iTools is the portal that allows users to get complete information about the website. It is not the ordinary website respiratory but more than that. With this tool, a user can generate insights into the website, including rating contact information traffic volume and much more. iTools is among that portal that provides data with the help of the Alexa tool. A single solution for repository and analytics can be used if a user is having access over the same. This is among the best portals available, which are free of cost.

If you are looking forward to a tool that gives you insights into the webpage apart from screenshots and codes then this can be the choice to have.

Final words:

A user needs to understand their needs to choose out the best portal. Keep all your needs in mind so that choosing the right platform will be easy for you. All these Wayback Machine Alternatives will cater to all your needs and provide you with the results you wanted. If you face any trouble in utilizing them, make sure to go through the guides available that will help you to know about it in detail.

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