How to Fix “LG IMS Keeps Stopping Error”: Understanding the Error and Resolving It

How to Fix “LG IMS Keeps Stopping Error”: Understanding the Error and Resolving It

The LG IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem) app is a crucial component of LG smartphones that makes it possible to use audio, video, and messaging services via IP networks. It is essential for guaranteeing effective and smooth communication on LG devices.

LG IMS, like any other program, might run into problems and display error messages like “LG IMS Keeps Stopping.” We will examine the root causes of this mistake and offer thorough remedies in this post to assist you in successfully fixing it.

What is LG’s IMS App?

A key feature of LG smartphones is the IP Multimedia Subsystem, or IMS software, which enables multimedia communication services via IP (Internet Protocol) networks. It makes it possible to use cutting-edge capabilities like multimedia messaging, video calls, and VoLTE (Voice over LTE).

What is the LG IMS Stopped Working Error?

The major causes of LG IMS errors are problems with the phone’s IMS software or incorrect network settings. The IMS app problems might be caused by faulty cache or storage or by out-of-date applications. Typically, the issue is reported following an OS upgrade.

Causes of the Error:

Outdated LG IMS App or LG Phone’s OS: If the LG IMS app or LG phone’s OS is out of date, their incompatibility may cause the phone’s IMS modules to continually ping, eventually failing and perhaps ceasing to function.

Corrupt Cache/Storage of the IMS App: If the cache or storage data for the IMS app are corrupt, your LG phone may display the IMS error. As a result of this corruption, the IMS crashes after each reinitialization.

Incorrect APN Settings Or Incompatible Network Settings On The Phone: IMS may stop functioning if the phone’s APN settings are damaged or if the network settings (such as using IPv6 as the default protocol) are not set up following IMS requirements.

This is because anytime the IMS modules are reinitialized following a crash, the incompatible or faulty network settings trigger another crash, leading to a never-ending cycle of the halted error.

Corrupt OS of the LG Phone: If the OS of your LG phone is corrupt, your LG IMS Keeps Stopping error may happen. As a result of this corruption, the phone’s IMS modules frequently fail because they are unable to access the resources required for the IMS function.

How to Fix the “LG IMS Keeps Stopping” Error:

Delete the app’s cache and data:

Go to Settings > Apps and open LG IMS > Storage > Clear Cache and Clear Data. Turn off the phone.

IMS App Update:

Make sure you have the most recent IMS app from the LG app store or the Google Play Store.

To Verify Any Software Updates

to update software, go to Settings > System. Look for any updates. Install any available updates.

Reset Your Phone:

Minor software bugs may be fixed and the device’s memory refreshed with a straightforward restart.

Verify The Network Connection:

Make sure your internet connection is steady, or try alternating between Wi-Fi and mobile data.

Launch Safe Mode:

Put the device into Safe Mode to see whether any third-party applications are to blame for the problem. If the problem doesn’t appear in Safe Mode, an app conflict can be the cause.

Remove Problematic Applications:

Find and remove any newly installed applications that could be incompatible with the IMS app.

Firmware Reset:

Reset the device to factory settings as a final resort to restore default settings. Before continuing, make a backup of your data as this will delete everything on the phone.

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Additional Tips to Prevent Recurrence:

  • IMS app versions that are unauthorized or modified should not be used since they may be unstable and cause issues.
  • To keep the IMS app working on your smartphone, keep the operating system up to date.
  • Cache and unneeded files should be routinely cleared to free up memory and enhance device performance.
  • To lower the possibility of conflicts and enhance system stability, disable or delete unnecessary programs.
  • Install reliable antivirus software to shield your smartphone from viruses that could impair the functionality of your apps.

Contact LG Support

It’s critical to get in touch with LG customer support if the “LG IMS Keeps Stopping” problem still exists after attempting the aforementioned fixes. The support staff at LG can give individualized assistance, analyze complicated problems, and, if necessary, offer firmware upgrades or replacements.

Install Third-Party IMS Apps

Another option is to look into third-party IMS apps that are offered in app stores. These applications could provide comparable communication functions and run more easily on your LG smartphone. To protect data security and dependability, use prudence and pick reliable apps.

App Performance Monitoring

After implementing the improvements, monitor the IMS app’s functionality. Maintain network stability and often check for upgrades to maintain a fluid communication experience. By exercising caution, you can quickly fix any possible problems and take advantage of the IMS app without interruption.


To sum up, while the “LG IMS Keeps Stopping” problem might be annoying, it can be resolved with the appropriate troubleshooting techniques. You may fix the problem and continue to use the communication services on your LG smartphone without interruption by emptying the app cache, upgrading the app and software, testing network connectivity, and finding app conflicts.

To avoid such mistakes in the future, keep your device’s software current and adopt excellent device management practices. You can assure a smooth communication experience with these solutions and take full advantage of the useful features offered by the LG IMS app.