How to fix Netflix error code M7353-5101?

How to fix Netflix error code M7353-5101?

Netflix is among the most considered online streaming platforms available these days. People are very happy with it because of its innovative interface and content available. However, sometimes the error code M7353-5101 arises, which let them feel annoyed. If you are someone who is utilizing Netflix on a regular basis and face this error, don’t worry because here we are discussing the solutions to resolve it out immediately. But before exploring the solution, understand about this error.

What causes error code M7353-5101?

If a user is utilizing Netflix on windows 10, then the major reason to face error code M7353-5101 is the browser extension that interferes with the activity of Netflix. In most of the cases, a user has access to an out-of-date browser, or any third-party add-on is there, which is interfering with the same.

Apart from that, the VPN or proxy can be behind the same and contributing to this error code. After facing this error, a user is not able to utilize Netflix easily.

Solutions to fix error code M7353-5101:

The solutions to fix error code M7353-5101 are as follows:-

1. Restart your system:

The primary solution for all the users is to restart their system. Whenever this error code arises, just close all the windows immediately and restart your system. After restarting the same before using Netflix portal again, clear all the cookies. After clearing out, the cookies perform the sign up for Netflix again and check out whether the issue has been resolved or not.

2. Check out for the extensions:

As we have mentioned, extensions can interfere with the functioning of Netflix, so it is important for you to disable the same. After disabling all the unnecessary extensions, you can check out whether it is working appropriately or not. For disabling the extension, just move to the Chrome/extension section and sees the list. From there, you can simply disable all of them. In most the cases, chances are there you need to utilize the extension again, so whenever it is required, you can simply enable it.

After disabling the extensions, restart your browser again and perform sign up on Netflix again.

3. Disable antivirus:

An antivirus is a good option for your system, but sometimes it affects the activity of other applications installed on your system. If you don’t want to go through such trouble, just disable antivirus immediately. After disabling the antivirus, you are all set to restart the Netflix app. When you restart the Netflix app, check out whether any indication appears on your screen or not. If there is no indication, it means that you are all set to use Netflix.

4. Check out for different browsers:

If nothing is helping you to fix out the “error code M7353-5101”, we suggest you try out a different browser. On your system, chances are there you might have access to internet explorer or any other browsers you can try out instead of Chrome. Apart from Mozilla, you can go for firefox or Safari as well to utilise the same. Clean out the cookies and cache and try the same.

5. Disable proxy:

Disabling proxy can also help you to fix out the error code M7353-5101. For it, you just need to do window key + R together and type into intecpl.cpl.

From there, move out to the connection tabs and check out the LAN settings. The automatically detect setting box will appear and check it out and hit on the ok button after it restarts the PC and sign up on Netflix again.

6. Update the Widevine decryption software:

Widevine software is the decryption software that uses are using, and it can be the possible cause behind the Netflix error code M7353-5101. If you are facing it, then update it immediately. Updating the same can help you in resolving the same. Just open your Chrome browser and look out for the Widevine decryption module. There you will see if any update is available or not. When you are done with updating the same, just restart the browser again and perform sign up.

We hope right now you know how to fix the error code M7353-5101. If you are still facing the same trouble, we suggest you try out the Netflix application. Sometimes on the web the problem arises, but you can use the application of Netflix on your PC and browse to the content easily.