150+ Private Story Names For Snapchat: Cool and Funny Name Ideas for Users [2023]

150+ Private Story Names For Snapchat: Cool and Funny Name Ideas for Users [2023]

Users have a unique opportunity to share material with a small group of pals using Snapchat’s private stories. These private tales enable more close-knit and individual interactions, strengthening relationships between users.

With your close friends, you may exchange wonderful moments through private stories. But what good is it if the titles of your own stories are dull? We’re here to help you come up with innovative and intriguing private story names that will intrigue your audience.

What Is A Private Story On Snapchat?

Snapchat has a feature called private stories that lets users share private content with a select group of buddies. Private Snapchat stories may only be seen by the people you invite, as opposed to ordinary Snapchat stories, which are accessible to all of your followers. This gives the pieces of stuff you share a sense of exclusivity and seclusion.

What To Name Your Snapchat Private Story?

A fun opportunity to reflect on your personality, hobbies, and the subject of your material is choosing a name for your private story. The name establishes the mood for your narrative and might be a reflection of inside jokes, common experiences, or a clear emphasis on the information you intend to convey.

Private Story Name Ideas for Snapchat

  • “Inner Circle Chronicles”: For exchanging real-time experiences with your closest pals.
  • “Late-Night Shenanigans”: is a personal narrative chock full of amusing and impromptu misadventures.
  • “Foodie Faves”: A culinary tour highlighting your preferred foods and dining establishments.
  • “Wanderlust Diaries”: A journal of your travels and intrepid adventures.
  • “Fitness Tribe”: A personal blog offering training plans, fitness challenges, and advice on leading a healthy lifestyle.
  • “Throwback Tales”: Reliving fond recollections and historical occasions.
  • “Bookworms’ Lounge”: Talking about suggested reading and literary debates.
  • “Crafty Creations”: Sharing creative endeavours, DIY projects, and DIY ideas.
  • “Meme Mania”: is a central location for disseminating the best memes and trending online humour.
  • “Music Melodies”: Your playlist for recommending new music and sharing your favourite songs.

Funny Private Story Names:

  1. “Snapchat Jester’s Club”
  2. “Snaps and Giggles”
  3. “Filter Follies”
  4. “Snap-tastic Voyage”
  5. “Snapchat Snafus”
  6. “Snap-tastic Shenanigans”
  7. “Chronicles of Chaos”
  8. “Laugh-a-Lot Lounge”
  9. “Bloopers and Boomerangs”
  10. “Epic Selfie Fails”
  11. “Snapchat Bloopers Galore”
  12. “Quarantine Chronicles”
  13. “Snowpocalypse Now”
  14. “Emoji Overload”
  15. “Drama Llama Diaries”
  16. “Comedy Central on Snapchat”
  17. “Snap Happens!”
  18. “Snapchat Fail Files”
  19. “Meme Madness”
  20. “Snapchat Chronicles: The Sequel”

Cute Private Story Names:

  1. “Pawsome Adventures”
  2. “Sweet Snapshots”
  3. “Fluffy Friends Forever”
  4. “Sunshine Smiles”
  5. “Fuzzy Feels”
  6. “Bubbly Bonds”
  7. “Chirpy Chats”
  8. “Heartfelt Happenings”
  9. “Charming Chitchats”
  10. “Cuddle Chronicles”
  11. “Whiskers and Wags”
  12. “Tales of Tenderness”
  13. “Cupcake Cuties”
  14. “Kisses and Cuddles”
  15. “Giggles and Grins”
  16. “Hug Me Tight”
  17. “Adorable Moments”
  18. “Cutie Patooties Unite”
  19. “Puppy Love Stories”
  20. “Lovey-Dovey Diaries”

Best Private Story Names:

  1. “The VIP Circle”
  2. “Sultans of Snaps”
  3. “Ultimate Snapmasters”
  4. “Snapchat Superstars”
  5. “Top Secret Snaps”
  6. “Snapchat Royalty”
  7. “Snapchat Connoisseurs”
  8. “The Snap Squad”
  9. “Snapchat Savants”
  10. “Snapchat Geniuses”
  11. “The Inner Circle”
  12. “Elite Snappers Society”
  13. “Snapchat Gurus”
  14. “Masters of Snapcraft”
  15. “The Crème de la Crème”
  16. “Snapchat A-Listers”
  17. “Legends of Snapchat”
  18. “Snapchat All-Stars”
  19. “Snapchat Champions”
  20. “Snapchat Kings and Queens”

Sad Private Story Names:

  1. “Tears in Rain”
  2. “The Sad Truth”
  3. “Misty Memories”
  4. “Lost in Thoughts”
  5. “Shades of Sorrow”
  6. “Fading Smiles”
  7. “Heartache Chronicles”
  8. “Broken Vows”
  9. “Rainy Days and Blue Rays”
  10. “Whispers of Grief”
  11. “Solitude Stories”
  12. “Silent Tears”
  13. “Wilted Roses”
  14. “Eternal Raindrops”
  15. “The Lonely Path”
  16. “Echoes of Sorrow”
  17. “Shattered Dreams”
  18. “Fading Hope”
  19. “Gloomy Days”
  20. “Dark Cloud Diaries”

Cool Private Story Names:

  1. “Radical Rebels”
  2. “Living Life, Snap by Snap”
  3. “Epic Adventures Await”
  4. “Live Life on the Edge”
  5. “Unleash the Awesome”
  6. “Limitless Legends”
  7. “Trailblazers on Snapchat”
  8. “Snapchat Revolution”
  9. “Snapchat Warriors”
  10. “Too Cool for School”
  11. “Beyond the Ordinary”
  12. “Snapchat Fever”
  13. “Rule Breakers Club”
  14. “Fearless and Flawless”
  15. “Rebel Vibes”
  16. “Chill Zone Chronicles”
  17. “Daring and Dynamic”
  18. “No Filter, No Fear”
  19. “Snap It, Own It”
  20. “The Cool Collective”

Cool Private Story Names for Girls:

  1. “Queen Bees Unite”
  2. “Chic Chicas Club”
  3. “Fierce and Fearless Femmes”
  4. “Dazzling Divas Diaries”
  5. “Snapchat Queens”
  6. “Sassy and Classy”
  7. “Glamour Goddesses”
  8. “Boss Babe Central”
  9. “Empowered Snap Sisters”
  10. “The Glam Gang”
  11. “Flawless Femme Fatales”
  12. “The Snapchat She-roes”
  13. “Goddesses of Snapchat”
  14. “Charmed and Charming”
  15. “Snapchat Sass Squad”
  16. “The Chic Clique”
  17. “Sparkle and Shine Stories”
  18. “Sugar and Spice Snaps”
  19. “Confident Queens”
  20. “Bold and Beautiful Stories”

Cool Private Story Names for Boys:

  1. “Snapchat Legends”
  2. “Bad Boys’ Club”
  3. “The Alpha Pack”
  4. “Heroes of Snapchat”
  5. “Rebel Renegades”
  6. “Kings of Coolness”
  7. “Snapchat Stuntmen”
  8. “Unleash the Beast”
  9. “Fearless and Fierce”
  10. “Adventure Seekers United”
  11. “Snapchat Warriors of the Wild”
  12. “Daring and Dashing Dudes”
  13. “Savage Snapshots”
  14. “Snapchat Swagger”
  15. “The Cool Crew”
  16. “Gentlemen with Attitude”
  17. “Mavericks on Snapchat”
  18. “The Bold Brotherhood”
  19. “Cool Cats and Snap Dogs”
  20. “Adventurers Assemble”

How To Add Or Remove Who Can View Your Private Snapchat Story?

Follow these procedures to add or modify who can see your private Snapchat story:

  1. Open Snapchat: If you haven’t done so before, open the Snapchat app on your smartphone and sign into your account.
  2. Create a Private Story: From the main screen, press the profile symbol in the top-left corner to start writing a private Story.
  3. Add Content: After you’ve finished writing your narrative, begin filling it up. By holding down the circular capture button at the bottom centre of the screen, you may take a picture or record a video.
  4. After uploading material, press the three vertical dots in the bottom right corner of the screen to customise the viewer list. This will allow you to access your private story’s settings.
  5. When you choose a certain buddy, a list of your friends will appear. To add friends to your list of private tale viewers, tap on their names. The chosen friends will have a green checkmark by their names.
  6. Save Changes: To save the adjustments to your private story settings, touch the “Save” button after choosing the people you wish to add.
  7. Remove Friends: Return to the settings and deselect the names of the friends you no longer want to be included if you want to take your friends off the viewer list.
  8. Editing the Viewer List: You have complete control over your private story’s viewer list.
  9. Simply select “Edit Custom” from the private tale options (the three vertical dots). You may then add or delete friends as necessary from there.
  10. Viewing Your Private Story: Only the friends you’ve chosen in the viewer list will now be able to see your private Story. Your profile symbol will have a purple ring around it when they see your private story to let them know it’s private.

Users may customise their Snapchat experience by establishing a place for more private contacts and content sharing with private story names and settings. Users may design their stories to represent their interests, hobbies, and friendships through imaginative naming and unified themes.